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Our Past Successes

Since our founding in 2015, we have been able to successfully complete the following initiatives:

Musical Instruments – $8,200 – Over 100 school and community members raised this amount in just over a day, which helped replace, repair and replenish the school’s band and string instruments. We also partnered with a generous community member whose efforts raised $3,000 to support instruments and classroom improvements for our general music program.

Teacher Coach – $26,000 – Prior to the 2017 school year, Bache-Martin had not had an Assistant Principal or other administrative staff besides the principal in years. Mr. V identified the need to support teachers in their development in order to produce better outcomes for students. As such, the Friends of Bache-Martin funded a part-time professional development coach for teachers during SY 2016-2017, to provide feedback and skill-building.

Chromebooks and supplies – $10,200 – In order to help the school achieve its goal of having at least 5 Chromebooks (laptops) in each classroom, Friends of Bache-Martin raised these funds to purchase 20 Chromebooks, 3 laptop carts, 80 headphones, and various other peripherals.

Community Partnership Programs – $11,500 – Community Partnerships include Dance eXchange, Clay Studio, SPARK, and pilot year of Give and Go Recess Program. We also received grants from the Alston-Beech Foundation to help fund the SPARK program, which is a mentoring program for the 7th graders, as well as for other programs. Post Brothers generously supported the schools after school basketball program led by Give and Go Athletics.

Give and Go Recess Play Program – Our first annual Bache in Bloom raffle and silent auction event raised $11,000 to pay for the 2018-2019 recess play program, which combines  character-, relationship-, and teamwork-building skills, with recess play activities across all grades.

Books and supplies – $11,400 – We asked teachers for their classroom wish lists and were able to provide books for classroom libraries, recess play equipment, supplies, and additional Chromebooks.