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In the News: Students are ‘tearing down the walls’ to get to Fairmount’s new library

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BillyPenn posted a piece on the new Bache-Martin library today. See below for a preview and a link to the full article.

“After years of effort by volunteers to reopen the library at Fairmount’s Bache-Martin Elementary, no one was exactly sure how the students would react. They’re kids, after all — would they even appreciate the hard-won rows of reading material?

To the pleasant surprise of the parents and teachers who put in the work, the young students are obsessed with their new resource.

“Kids are walking around the hallways with books,” principal Mark Vivitsky told Billy Penn. “They’re secretly going back to make additional visits; they’re trying to convince substitutes that it’s library day when it’s not.

“The kids,” he said, “are literally tearing down the walls to get back in there.””

Read more here.