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You don’t have to be a parent to care about Bache-Martin students and teachers. Good schools make a stronger Fairmount and Francisville community for everyone. By becoming a Friend of Bache-Martin, you help to build healthy and vibrant young minds who will be ready to serve their community in the future. 

To “Be a Friend” means to help us sustain and enhance the ongoing supplemental learning programs at Bache-Martin that will benefit our current and future students. 

As a friend of Bache-Martin, you will support programs that enhance and supplement in-classroom learning, and ensure they will continue for years to come without risk of ending due to funding shortfalls. These programs include:

  • Lending and research library
  • Dance eXchange (partnership with BalletX)
  • A recess play program in the form of supported play
  • Programs that support STEAM  (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics)


Recurring gifts have a big impact. Knowing we can rely on your regular gift allows us to sustain and enhance school programs that challenge students, support our amazing teachers and create ongoing programs that are supportive of creating an environment where students will grow to be creative, critical, and civic-minded thinkers who are confident and well-prepared for the future.

With a recurring gift, you can:

  • Make a larger overall gift and impact on Bache-Martin students
  • Never worry about forgetting an annual gift again
  • Eliminate giving solicitations and reminders from your inbox

When you make a recurring gift, you are giving us the flexibility to:

  • INNOVATE with opportunities for teachers to learn new concepts and skills which they bring into the classroom
  • CREATE with tools and equipment to help students go where their imaginations take them
  • IMPROVE with updates to facilities and new spaces
  • DREAM BIG and inspire with integrated learning that provides the path for students to strive as future scientists, artists, doctors, programmers, entrepreneurs, or whatever they want to be.
Prefer to Make a One Time Contribution?

Thank You to our Founding Friends

Founding Friends are businesses or individuals that have shown unwavering support to the Friends of Bache-Martin through generous and on going support.

Ryan Jackson


Rachel Myers

Janice Hunt


David Hunt